Employee Testimonial

Suresh Kumar

Manager- Internal Planning Department

I joined Hela Clothing in 1995, when I was just 18 years old, commencing my career as a Machine Operator in the Sampling Department. I was promoted to Trainee Supervisor, something I couldn't have imagined happening to me at that age. Two years later, I had grown and advanced in my knowledge of apparel production and was promoted once again to Production Assistant. On a personal note, my career developed over the years despite my family obligations. My father passed away in 1997, making me the breadwinner at just 20 years of age. But I managed to do this without a heavy burden. My success and recognition at Hela Clothing has made the quality of my life that much richer and I am honoured to be one of a generous & efficient team.

Nilanthi Pathirana

Instructor (Human Resources Division)

I joined the Hela team's Thihariya production plant as an Unskilled Machine Operator in 2007. I was married at the time, but my job taught me more than skill; I learned to manage both my work and personal time efficiently so that I was both a punctual employee and dedicated member of my family. As such, my attendance at work was virtually flawless – something I am regularly recognized and rewarded for. By 2015 I had developed successfully receiving many increments that allowed me to purchase and house and land for my family. I am proud of my achievements in HR training, that I am now very much interested in making my long-term career. I am also happy to be working with a company that was able to provide me this opportunity to find and grow into an area after already specializing in another area for many years.

Dilki Fernando

Cutting Helper

I was born a special needs child in Ragama in late December 1992. I went on to complete my education at the Basilica Special Needs School in 2008. I feel blessed in many ways. Over the years my extra-curricular activities in school paid off and I won many Special Olympics medals. I represented Sri Lanka on several occasions at the Special Olympics and was awarded the Bronze Medal for Long Jump in 2011, Gold for 200m in 2013 and Gold again for 400m in 2015. Hela Clothing is not only a place of work to me, it is a family, a career, an income and support as continue to work on becoming one of the best special-needs athletes in the world.